Proposed COA Artist Fellowship

18 week marionette studio intensive


TIMELINE* (January 1 - May 7, 2016)

  • Weeks 1-4:  part time Puppet Studio / part time other freelance work; equipment & supply purchase, research, contacts, business plan, marketing plan
  • Weeks 5-6:  marionette apprenticeship in Stuttgart, Germany with Alice Gottschalk
  • Weeks 7-10:  full time Puppet Studio
  • Weeks 11-12:  North American tour of marionette masters and puppet companies
  • Week 13:  part time Puppet Studio / part time freelance and puppet commissions; marketing campaign, administrative set up, Community Outreach
  • Weeks 14-15:  full time Puppet Studio
  • Week 16:  part time Puppet Studio / part time puppet commissions and workshops; marketing campaign, administrative set up, Community Outreach
  • Weeks 17-18:  commissions, performing & teaching work; begin marionette stage and show development; begin crowd funding for next phase of development
  • June 2016:  marionette stringing and performance training workshop with Phillip Huber at O'Neill Center

*Puppet Studio indicates fellowship compensated marionette building time in home studio. Community Outreach indicates hosted free puppet events for community building.

BUDGET ($10,000 fellowship)

  • $1,500 apprenticeship with Alice Gottschalk, Stuttgart, Germany (travel & meals)
  • $1,000 North American research tour to marionette masters (travel & meals)
  • $5,000 compensated studio time
  • $1,500 equipment & supply purchase: scroll saw, belt sander, carving tools, wood
  • $1,000 marketing and administrative: mailing lists, professional office setup

Additional sources of income during Fellowship period: teaching workshops and continuing sales of existing art and prints.